Have you tried these 5 steps to quit smoking ?

Quitting smoking is a challenge that is quite difficult for many people.

The nicotine contained in tobacco products is a very addictive substance, therefore when completely stopping the entry of this substance into the body there will be side effects because the addiction is both physical and psychological. The body needs nicotine and the desire to smoke again becomes very intense.

The main motivation to stop smoking should be the desire to quit and not doing it for someone else or looking for logical reasons to quit.

In this article we want to leave you 5 steps that will help you in this difficult journey:

1) Set a quit date

It is important to set a date between the next 2 weeks of the decision to stop smoking, to stop altogether.

During those 2 weeks before you can reduce the amount of cigarettes consumed per day, so that there is an adaptation for the quit day, although some prefer to leave it completely bypassing this exercise.

2) Communicate

There are people who want you to stop smoking. Lean on them, talk about your motivations and fears. Sure you'll find good advice from people who care about you.

3) Stay busy

To avoid or reduce the desire to smoke you may perform physical or recreational activities.

One of the effects of nicotine is the feeling of satisfaction it offers, exercise can be a good substitute for that effect, giving the same satisfaction in a healthy way.

Besides this, you can go to places where the consumption of cigarettes is forbidden like museums, movies or simply to organize a nice meeting with non-smoking friends.

4) Talk to a profesional

A health professional can help you if you need any type of medication to successfully continue your decision to quit smoking for good.

You can use from nicotine patches or sugar-free gum to anxiolytics by prescription in cases of extreme addiction.

5) Reward your achievements

Every hour you spend without consuming a cigarette is an achievement that must be celebrated and rewarded.

Think you are achieving a difficult goal. Soon your body will stop needing nicotine. While that happens reward yourself for each day you spend without consuming a cigarette or a tobacco product.

Without any doubt quit smoking represents a challenge, however the benefits are so many that it is worth trying.

Keep in mind that it’s not always achieved in the first attempt but not for this you must give up trying.

You will be improving your health and you will add years to your life avoiding serious circulatory problems such as cerebrovascular disease, heart problems such as myocardial infarction, some types of cancer such as prostate, tongue, lung and larynx, serious respiratory diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and oral health problems.

In addition to this you will be protecting your family who are passive smokers and can present any of the afore mentioned diseases without ever having consumed any product with tobacco.

The decision is yours, just set the date to quit and start.

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Share with us your experience with quit smoking ? Have you tried it ? Why not? Love to hear your story.